Upton introduces new Australian designed and manufactured Linear Move Irrigators

Corowa NSW based Upton Irrigation has released a new range of Australian designed and locally manufactured Linear Move Irrigators with extensive features and options that are designed to fulfil a range of applications.

The new Upton Linear Move irrigators are available as a low profile version giving a crop clearance height of 1.8 metres that will be ideal for recreational turf farms and vegetable growing applications, or a higher clearance version that will be suited to broadacre or row cropping applications with an extended under pipe clearance of 3.2m? metres.

The new irrigators are offered with extensive choices including a hose drag water feed or a self contained and carried pump system that will access a parallel channel feed water supply system. The hose drag version employs the Australian made Crusader lay flat hose. Hose diameters can be from 75 to 150mm

The Upton Linear Moves can also designed to be towable from one watering position to the next or can pivot if required. Designer and builder Paul Upton says he has made extensive use of non-corroding materials including high grade aluminium and stainless steel pipe work. He adds “our first two new Upton Linears are already at work.

“One is working at the All Saints Winery adjacent to the Murray Valley Highway at Wahgunyah. It’s is currently watering the pasture of the area that All Saints use as their polo field and to host their major events including their Day on the Green music events.”

This irrigator is watering an area with dimensions of 126 metres in width by a length of 260 metres or about 3.3 hectares per run, but the machine is then pivoted with water to an adjoining identical area.

The second new Upton Linear Move is being used by a specialist vegetable grower who concentrates on spring onion production at Tocumwal.

“It is watering a field area of 75 metres in width by 410 metres in length and the grower can reverse it back over the same ground as well as towing it to two more adjacent blocks of the same size” Paul Upton says.

The irrigators are designed for low pressure, highly efficient water distribution. Both current machines employ low pressure Nelson Sprinklers that are designed to give a wide throw watering pattern.

Mr Upton says that the design uses industry proven products with as high a local Australian content that it is possible to achieve.

“Irrigators with specialist demands like vegetable growers and turf farms have up until now been forced to purchase US designed and built Linear Moves with pretty much limited flexibility.We have elected to build a Linear that uniquely meets the features our growers want and at an affordable price in $A dollars whereas imported machines priced in $US have always been expensive and with their purchasers often exposed to exchange rate variations” Mr Upton says.

Founded in Corowa in 1944 the family owned third generation Irrigation and engineering company has built and installed hundreds of mobile irrigators all over Australia that are used to water a very diverse range of crops.

Upton have also used their expertise to design and build special purpose irrigators including racecourse irrigators that water most of Australia’s major grass racetracks. These machines have also been exported to many prominent racecourses around the world.

“We believe we have the expertise and skills in building both centre pivot and lateral move irrigators that are unique in meeting the watering needs of all types of irrigation projects.

“For instance, our use of corrosion resistant high grade aluminium and stainless steel pipework in this instance makes our machines ideal for watering with lower grade or recycled water supplies. We simply invite growers to bring their field dimensions to us together with information on their source of water and desired application rates and we will prepare an Australian designed and built irrigation solution to suit” Paul Upton says.

For technical enquiries or requests for further information, please feel free to contact us.

Two of the new Upton Australian designed and built Linear Move Irrigators are already working at Wahgunyah & Tocumwal.This machine is watering the polo and events field pasture adjacent to the All Saints Winery on the Murray Valley Highway at Wahgunyah.

Using non-corrosive pipe work in high grade aluminium and stainless steel, the towable irrigators are available in two field clearance heights of 1.8 and 3.2 metres.Designer and builder Paul Upton says he sees significant applications potential especially in turf farm and specialist vegetable growing for the lower clearance version in particular.

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