Newsletter September 2020

Short and simple. A 100 acre centre pivot for $75,000. For a limited time only.

Bring your trucks, bring your trailers, limited stock at this price but available now for immediate delivery.

Details- Quality, genuine Pierce Corporation pivot irrigator. 354m radius. Galvanised steel, all 6 5/8” pipe. 6 x 56m spans and 18m overhang. Senninger I-wob low pressure sprinkler pack to suit 13mm application per day. Genuine UMC gearboxes. Basic control panel. 14.9×24 wheels and tyres.

Price- $75,000+GST ex factory Corowa NSW.

Exclusions- Delivery, installation.

Optional extras- Diesel genset, poly lined spans, boosted end guns, smart control panel upgrades for remote applications. Tyre and sprinkler pack upgrades.

If you are considering a new centre pivot or linear move irrigation system, then give us a call today to discuss your needs. We can even customise a finance or rental package tailored to your requirements.

Paul Upton 0417 459 180

Glenn Menhenett 0418 366 364

Gerry Savage 0427 075 547

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