Newsletter July 2021

The Future Of Irrigated Farming – Introducing CropX

We believe that this is the most significant advancement in irrigation technology in the past 20 years. Moisture sensing probes combined with cloud-based software that provides optimised insights as to when and how much you should be watering your crop. Experienced Australian growers have reported yield increases of 9% at the same time as a water saving of 5%.

A large number of factors are continually monitored and processed to allow you make informed watering decisions based around the follow variable factors:

    • Weather, local weather station monitoring with 7-day forecast. Rain, wind, temperature and ET measurements.
    • Aerial imagery – regular satellite monitoring of crop health (NVDI)
    • Topographical mapping.
  • Soil mapping.
  • Hydraulic modelling, the CropX probe learns your soil type over time to help predict moisture movement.
  • Crop models – CropX uses many crop models in order to learn and understand the behaviour of its supported crops from all the relevant aspects – water uptake, growth stages, nutrient uptake, water and salinity stresses and more. Our machine learning algorithms constantly adapt these models to the actual growth of the supported crops, thus refining these models continuously. Currently supported crops include:
    • Sweet Potato, Wheat, Sugar Cane, Cotton, Maize, Soy, Sunflower, Peas, Quinoa, Green Beans, Carrot, Sugar Beet, Tef, Sorghum, Tomato, Rice, Corn, Barley, Potato, Winter Wheat, Onion, Canola, Lucerne and Grass Lands, with additional 20 crop types and varieties currently in the pipeline.
  • Irrigation capacity – Information relating to your specific pivot length and capacity is uploaded in the software to help provide specific recommendations direct to you.
  • The probes monitor moisture, EC levels and temperature on a continual basis. Probes are available in 46cm and 90 cm lengths. Simple installation.

Upton Engineering are stockists and suppliers of CropX probes.

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