Upton Engineering – Saving Aussie Farmers Real Money Since 1944!

Here at Upton Engineering, we can offer you the lowest running and operating cost in the country for the life of your agricultural irrigation system. Our smart customers look at the big picture - to them unless coupled with long-term savings, short initial savings are a short-sighted solution. Smart farmers look for a low cost of operation, which is far more important because you always get what you pay for!

Consider our points of difference before investing in your next agricultural irrigation system.

Quality equipment with a service life and warranty exceeding other brands

Effective and reliable monitoring and automation system

Design of pumping systems to utilise maximum efficiency points of selected pumps and diesel engines

We guarantee you minimum friction loss for the entire system

The right machine for the right job

We can cut operating costs by up to 1/3 of hydraulic units

Easy minimum-hassle serviceability

A solid track record in the farming industry

Our smart centre-pivot agricultural irrigation system costs less the more you use it because our super-efficient system uses less power - less power use means lower operating costs for you.

  • Competitively priced.
  • Lowest cost of operation, maintenance and lifetime cost.
  • Effective and easy system monitoring.

We would like to invite you to book a phone consultation where we will help you explore your options and show you how much we can save you on your next irrigation system.

Contact us today by calling 02 60 331 844 or via our contact form to book your no-cost consultation.