Upton Engineering has recently been appointed as a dealer for Fieldwise technology from the USA. Fieldwise is an automation and control system for all aspects of farm irrigation systems.

Monitor and control centre pivots, pumps, water tank levels and moisture probes all from a simple smart phone app or home computer. Be alerted to possible issues by text message or email. Powerful reporting features assist in managing water planning for the future. Save thousands of dollars per year by eliminating excessive travel and labour costs. Save precious water resources by eliminating over application of water and fertiliser.

Dealer enquires are most welcome.

Are you in control of your farm’s irrigation?

  • Advanced centre pivot control panels.
  • End tower GPS monitors for electric and hydraulic pivots.
  • Pump control and monitoring.
  • Moisture probe readers with graphical reporting.
  • Smart phone and online monitoring and control.
  • SMS text message or email alerts.
  • Pump, irrigator and moisture monitoring all on a single app.
  • Customisable and graphical reporting of all system actions and water usage by pivot and GPS location.
  • Do you already own an advanced centre pivot main control panel? Ask us how to automate it.

    Please send me more info on the following Fieldwise products:
    Electric PivotsHydraulic PivotsPump MonitoringWater Tank MonitoringMoisture Probe and Monitoring