Win a complete centre pivot irrigator!

Only 50 tickets available.

Corowa Cougars Rugby League Football club – Major fundraiser 2021

40 hectare- 100 acre centre pivot irrigator*

  • Details – Quality, genuine Pierce Corporation pivot irrigator. 354m radius. Galvanised steel, all 6 5/8” pipe. 6 x 56m spans and 18m overhang. Senninger I-wob low pressure sprinkler pack to suit 13mm application per day. Genuine UMC gearboxes. Basic control panel. 14.9×24 wheels and tyres.
  • Exclusions – Concrete anchor pad. Water mainline connection. Power supply. Delivery outside 500 klm radius of Corowa will incur additional charge.
  • Optional extras – Diesel genset, poly lined spans, boosted end guns, smart control panel upgrades for remote applications. Tyre and sprinkler pack upgrades.
  • *Prize can be substituted for other centre pivot or linear move irrigation goods services to the valve of $100,000 inclusive of GST

Only 50 tickets available at $3000 each – 1 in 10 chance to get your money back.

Other prizes

  • 3 prizes of $5000 cash
  • 1 prize of $3000 cash

To secure your ticket, expressions of interest to Daniel 0448 851 139

Newsletter September 2020

Short and simple. A 100 acre centre pivot for $75,000. For a limited time only.

Bring your trucks, bring your trailers, limited stock at this price but available now for immediate delivery.

Details- Quality, genuine Pierce Corporation pivot irrigator. 354m radius. Galvanised steel, all 6 5/8” pipe. 6 x 56m spans and 18m overhang. Senninger I-wob low pressure sprinkler pack to suit 13mm application per day. Genuine UMC gearboxes. Basic control panel. 14.9×24 wheels and tyres.

Price- $75,000+GST ex factory Corowa NSW.

Exclusions- Delivery, installation.

Optional extras- Diesel genset, poly lined spans, boosted end guns, smart control panel upgrades for remote applications. Tyre and sprinkler pack upgrades.

If you are considering a new centre pivot or linear move irrigation system, then give us a call today to discuss your needs. We can even customise a finance or rental package tailored to your requirements.

Paul Upton 0417 459 180

Glenn Menhenett 0418 366 364

Gerry Savage 0427 075 547

Newsletter August 2020

Just a quick update. With continued rain across the eastern states this winter growing season, there is good reason to see farmers smiling. The BOM has predicted the likely formation of a “La Nina” which favours above average winter-spring rainfall across eastern, central and northern Australia.

The government has also extended the $150,000 instant asset write off until the end of December so its certainly looking like now is time to invest in a quality irrigation system.

We are well stocked with both galvanised steel machines as well as our Australian made corrosion resistant aluminium piped centre pivots. Our factory remains in full production with pivots still being delivered to all parts of the country weekly.

Our Australian made centre pivots are designed from the ground up to be the most cost effective pivot irrigators available in the world. How do we do that? We make them last longer. In harsh water conditions our systems will last more than twice as long a regular galvanised steel system. Our aluminium pipe is special produced for us in Brisbane QLD and is a heavy walled, high tensile, heat treated, corrosion resistant pipe. This grade of aluminium is normally used in the boat building industry for off shore vessels. We produce this pipe in 5″, 6″, 8″ and 10″ sizes so we can produce a centre pivot or linear move system to suit almost any job.

If you are considering a new centre pivot or linear move irrigation system, then give us a call today to discuss your needs. We can even customise a finance or rental package tailored to your requirements.

Paul Upton 0417 459 180
Glenn Menhenett 0418 366 364
Gerry Savage 0427 075 547

Newsletter April 2020

Is this what your $150,000 tax write-off looks like this year?

Summary- The Government is increasing the instant asset write-off (IAWO) threshold from $30,000 to $150,000 and expanding access to include all businesses with aggregated annual turnover of less than $500 million (up from $50 million) until 30 June 2020. In 2017-18 there were more than 360,000 businesses that benefited from the current IAWO, claiming deductions to the value of over $4 billion.

The IAWO threshold- The higher IAWO threshold provides cash flow benefits for businesses that will be able to immediately deduct purchases of eligible assets each costing less than $150,000. The threshold applies on a per asset basis, so eligible businesses can immediately write-off multiple assets. The IAWO is due to revert to $1,000 for small businesses (turnover less than $10 million) from 1 July 2020.

Eligibility- The Government is expanding access so that more businesses can take advantage of the IAWO. The annual turnover threshold for businesses is increasing from $50 million to $500 million. Expanding the threshold will mean an additional 5,300 businesses who employ around 1.9 million Australians will be able to access the IAWO for the first time.

Timing- This proposal applies from announcement until 30 June 2020, for new or second-hand assets first used or installed ready for use in this timeframe.

Call now to secure your new centre pivot irrigator- Glenn 0418 366 364, Gerry 0427 075 547 or Paul 0417 459 180.

Newsletter March 2020

Upton Engineering has recently been appointed as a dealer for Fieldwise technology from the USA.

Fieldwise is an automation and control system for all aspects of farm irrigation systems.

Monitor and control centre pivots, pumps, water tank levels and moisture probes all from a simple smart phone app or home computer. By alerted to possible issues by text message or email. Powerful reporting features assist in managing water planning for the future. Save thousands of dollars per year by eliminating excessive travel and labour costs. Save precious water resources by eliminating over application of water and fertiliser.

For dealer enquires or more information, call us on 02 6033 1844 or send an enquiry.

Newsletter February 2018

Now that grain harvest and Christmas celebrations are done we can settle back into the daily grind.

2017 has come and gone and it turned out to be the biggest year ever for our Australian made centre pivots with more than 50 machines being delivered to all parts of the country. This further cements that fact that our customers are demanding Australian made products of superior quality. For us this means more staff including 2 additional apprentices. An extension to our factory for increased manufacturing space, and more warehouse room for increased levels of spare parts. We have parts and spares for most makes of pivot irrigators so if you have a requirement for wheels, tyres, gearboxes and electrical components then contact our office for some of the sharpest prices in the country.

Early 2018 will also see the launch of our new Australian made pivot control panel. Features of this unit will be a full stainless steel cabinet, digital screen with water proof touch panel and wireless connection to water flow meter and pressure sensor. The advanced option will allow a full array of programming options and GPS positioning technology. A simple to use phone app will allow you to check all pivot operating parameters at the touch of a button.

We would also like to welcome Simon Hepworth to the team. Simon and his family have recently moved back to the area from a WA beef and irrigation property. A qualified diesel mechanic, Simon will be now heading up centre pivot servicing and programmed maintenance for us. Speak to our office to get your pivot booked in for grease and oil and a 12 point safety check.
Best wishes and a prosperous new year to all. Thanks for reading.

Bringing Water To the World (The Edge Magazine Feature)

Made using quality, corrosion-resistant aluminium tube from BlueScope Distribution, Upton Engineering’s state-of-the-art centre pivot irrigation systems are in great demand not only across Australia but also around the world – with supply for yet another overseas project, this one for a customer in Saudi Arabia, currently in the pipeline.

Founded in 1944 in Corowa, a NSW town on the Murray River, Upton Engineering is a third- generation, family-owned company that has established itself as one of the most versatile and complete manufacturers of agricultural irrigation in Australia.

That’s not surprising when you consider the company’s deep roots in agriculture and the fact that Upton is a household name in
rural Australia as a result of their pioneering developments – first in heavy duty 2-wheel drive tractors and now in their renowned centre pivot irrigation equipment.

Centre pivot irrigation is a method of overhead sprinkler irrigation consisting of multiple sections of pipe joined together to create long spans, with sprinklers positioned along their length, which are supported by trusses and mounted on wheeled towers. Moving in a circular pattern, they are fed with water piped to the pivot point at the centre of the circle, and can be either fixed systems or can be specifically built as a completely moveable system which can be towed from one site to another using a tractor.

With experience unmatched by any other company, Upton Engineering manufactures fixed and towable centre pivot irrigation systems at their two-hectare industrial site in Corowa, producing machines that can irrigate areas from 10 hectares to 60 hectares in size under one ‘circle’.

Dedicated as they are to producing innovative, quality equipment with a service life and warranty exceeding other brands, it’s not surprising that Upton Engineering rely on quality products from BlueScope Distribution to manufacture their premier systems.

Key among these products is the marine grade, corrosion-resistant aluminium pipe, supplied by BlueScope Distribution since 1999, that Upton use to form the backbone of the main span section that carries water out to the sprinklers.

“Around where we live, underground water sometimes has salt in it which is very corrosive on galvanised steel pipes. That means a shorter life span, a faster depreciating asset and more cost to farmers, so we make equipment from superior corrosion-resistant materials and also engineer tailor-made solutions for specific needs, soil types and water conditions,” Paul Upton, managing director, said.

“The fact that we’ve been very successful in using aluminium on what might be termed slightly salty underground water has made our equipment extremely popular across Australia. We distribute machines basically to every state and even as far away as the north west of Western Australia, on the cattle stations, as the cattle market up there is booming because of the live export out of Broome to Asian markets.

“We’ve also recently been approached by another overseas pivot manufacturer to fabricate and supply pipes for their machines for delivery into Northern Africa,” he continued.
“That particular area they’re moving into has saltier water than they’re used to, and their galvanised pipes aren’t successful in that salty water, and that’s one of the reasons why they’ve approached us to fabricate and supply pipes by the container load to that market.”

Supporting Upton Engineering in delivering their highly durable irrigation systems across Australia and the world is the enduring relationship they have with BlueScope Distribution’s nearby Albury branch – and Market Development Manager, Brian Dowling – who supply the company with essential aluminium and steel components and technical advice.

“The aluminium we provide is mainly tube and plate to make their big irrigation systems, and we do supply steel; basically almost everything but the tyres,” Brian said.

“Paul got into aluminium quite a few years ago because it’s lighter, so the machine doesn’t have to work as hard and obviously it doesn’t corrode. To support Upton Engineering, I actually had our aluminium mill manufacture the dies for them, to the size and thickness they needed, and they’ve been held at the mill ever since, ready to supply product as required.

“Paul knows he can call on us at any time for anything Upton requires, because he knows that we’ve got Upton’s interests at heart,” Brian concluded.

“We feel we have a strong partnership with BlueScope Distribution; they’ve always been exceptional to us,” Paul Upton said. “Whether it’s unique product requirements or technical support I know that if I need anything, Brian and the team will do whatever it takes; they definitely look after us.

“Our business has a strong focus on placing customers’ needs first and developing long lasting relationships with them. From our experience, we know BlueScope Distribution is the same and that makes our partnership a very good fit.”

Newsletter November 2017

With an identified preference for consumers and businesses to seek out products that are locally made and supported, Upton Engineering is delighted to announce that we have been granted the right to use the identification of “Australian Made and Owned” on our principal products.

This will be identified by appropriate labels on our Upton centre pivot and linear move irrigators, and on our Irriturf race track irrigators.

The Australian Made campaign has been running for many years and continues to receive a high recall factor in domestic market surveys.

The triangular green and gold logo indicates that products and materials are sourced locally as far as possible.
It also indicates that businesses and products employing the logo support their local communities by providing employment and participation opportunities.

The Australian Made logo has also been shown to have a high recognition factor in export markets indicating a product of quality.


Newsletter September 2017

How much money did your centre pivot irrigator burn last year?

People who know me well know that I love science. Maths and physics in particular. Let’s look at a few facts of physics. I will keep it simple (or, how to save you money the easy way).

Power usage of a pump is derived by a formula that involves the following parameters- Volume of water flow. Operating pressure at the pump and the efficiency of the pump being used. In basic terms, if we double the operating pressure we double the power requirement. If we double the flow, we also double the power requirement.

Whether you are using diesel or electricity the fact remains that power is money! There is always continuing advancements in both pump efficiency and pivot sprinkler head technology.

If your irrigation system is 10 years old or more there is a very good chance that your existing pump is worn and your out of date pivot sprinkler package is costing you money instead of making it for you. A ‘typical’ 400m long pivot irrigator running on a diesel pump for 2000 hrs per year can have a fuel cost of $20-25,000 per year. Wouldn’t you like to reduce that cost by 10-20% ? Savings could be upwards of $50,000 over the next 10 years, per pivot irrigator.

Improving pump efficiency and lowering pump operating pressure will reduce your overall operating costs. I am constantly surprised when I hear of people installing a new pivot system who do not know what their expected operating costs will be. This is a sure sign of an inexperienced irrigation company or sales person. People’s excuses will often be- ‘I got a really good deal’ or- ‘The guy gave me a cheap price on the whole package’.

Purchase price has nothing to do operating costs. The operating cost over 10+ years is where your money is going to be either made or lost. Purchase poorly and it will cost you forever.

Step 1 is accurately knowing what your current power consumption is. If you do not know what your pumping cost is then make it a priority today. It’s never too late to look at money saving changes. Most people work on a value of $ per ML pumped.

Step 2 is to contact us to discuss how much money we can save you going forward.
(feel free to use our contact form or call Glenn on 0418 366 364)

Also, if you haven’t done it yet, download our free Linear Move Irrigation Brochure.

Thanks for reading,

Paul Upton

Upton introduces new Australian designed and manufactured Linear Move Irrigators

Corowa NSW based Upton Irrigation has released a new range of Australian designed and locally manufactured Linear Move Irrigators with extensive features and options that are designed to fulfil a range of applications.

The new Upton Linear Move irrigators are available as a low profile version giving a crop clearance height of 1.8 metres that will be ideal for recreational turf farms and vegetable growing applications, or a higher clearance version that will be suited to broadacre or row cropping applications with an extended under pipe clearance of 3.2m? metres.

The new irrigators are offered with extensive choices including a hose drag water feed or a self contained and carried pump system that will access a parallel channel feed water supply system. The hose drag version employs the Australian made Crusader lay flat hose. Hose diameters can be from 75 to 150mm

The Upton Linear Moves can also designed to be towable from one watering position to the next or can pivot if required. Designer and builder Paul Upton says he has made extensive use of non-corroding materials including high grade aluminium and stainless steel pipe work. He adds “our first two new Upton Linears are already at work.

“One is working at the All Saints Winery adjacent to the Murray Valley Highway at Wahgunyah. It’s is currently watering the pasture of the area that All Saints use as their polo field and to host their major events including their Day on the Green music events.”

This irrigator is watering an area with dimensions of 126 metres in width by a length of 260 metres or about 3.3 hectares per run, but the machine is then pivoted with water to an adjoining identical area.

The second new Upton Linear Move is being used by a specialist vegetable grower who concentrates on spring onion production at Tocumwal.

“It is watering a field area of 75 metres in width by 410 metres in length and the grower can reverse it back over the same ground as well as towing it to two more adjacent blocks of the same size” Paul Upton says.

The irrigators are designed for low pressure, highly efficient water distribution. Both current machines employ low pressure Nelson Sprinklers that are designed to give a wide throw watering pattern.

Mr Upton says that the design uses industry proven products with as high a local Australian content that it is possible to achieve.

“Irrigators with specialist demands like vegetable growers and turf farms have up until now been forced to purchase US designed and built Linear Moves with pretty much limited flexibility.We have elected to build a Linear that uniquely meets the features our growers want and at an affordable price in $A dollars whereas imported machines priced in $US have always been expensive and with their purchasers often exposed to exchange rate variations” Mr Upton says.

Founded in Corowa in 1944 the family owned third generation Irrigation and engineering company has built and installed hundreds of mobile irrigators all over Australia that are used to water a very diverse range of crops.

Upton have also used their expertise to design and build special purpose irrigators including racecourse irrigators that water most of Australia’s major grass racetracks. These machines have also been exported to many prominent racecourses around the world.

“We believe we have the expertise and skills in building both centre pivot and lateral move irrigators that are unique in meeting the watering needs of all types of irrigation projects.

“For instance, our use of corrosion resistant high grade aluminium and stainless steel pipework in this instance makes our machines ideal for watering with lower grade or recycled water supplies. We simply invite growers to bring their field dimensions to us together with information on their source of water and desired application rates and we will prepare an Australian designed and built irrigation solution to suit” Paul Upton says.

For technical enquiries or requests for further information, please feel free to contact us.

Two of the new Upton Australian designed and built Linear Move Irrigators are already working at Wahgunyah & Tocumwal.This machine is watering the polo and events field pasture adjacent to the All Saints Winery on the Murray Valley Highway at Wahgunyah.

Using non-corrosive pipe work in high grade aluminium and stainless steel, the towable irrigators are available in two field clearance heights of 1.8 and 3.2 metres.Designer and builder Paul Upton says he sees significant applications potential especially in turf farm and specialist vegetable growing for the lower clearance version in particular.