Newsletter April 2017

How much is fertilizer application really costing you?

Fertilizer and trace element application is generally done by one of two methods- Dry spreading or injecting into the water stream of your pivot irrigator. To make a real comparison between the 2 methods simply write down a list of all cost inputs to apply each method.

Dry application needs a tractor with spreader or a purpose built machine. Both options accumulate hours and general wear and tear on the machinery. Fuel usage and labour input by a skilled operator is also a considerable cost. Dry application is usually done when planting and maybe a couple times at the beginning of the crop cycle.

In the case of taller crops like corn or sorghum, fertilizer application later in the crop cycle can become increasingly difficult without specialised and expensive machinery. Injection into your centre pivot allows precision application when the crop needs it most without over or under application.

Fertilizers can be supplied as a bulk liquid or a small mixing/batch tank can be located next to the pivot centre to process dry chemicals. Mixing dry product can be a cost effective option when delivery costs are factored into remote locations. Fully adjustable injections pumps can be set to inject the required dosage per hectare and is applied during the normal watering cycle. Often overnight whilst you are sleeping.

If you are interested in saving time and money talk to Upton Engineering about our new fertilizer injection kits. We can supply mobile kits for easy transport between site or a more permanent on-site package for pivots with large hectare coverage. Don’t forget to keep records of all your inputs and compare yields between the different fertilizer application methods. Higher profits will only come from greater yields combined with lower inputs.

If you haven’t done it yet, download our free report on the ten most common mistakes people make with centre pivot irrigation.

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Paul Upton

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